Cold Storage Options for Logan Businesses

Make storing perishable or heat-sensitive goods simple and easy. Logan Cold Storage is a locally-owned company situated in Berrinba, helping people across the region access high-quality, efficient and affordable service. With the capacity to handle transportation, packing and storage, we deliver a complete solution for businesses handling goods requiring chilling or freezing.

If you’re a growing company, you need a scalable and flexible storage solution for perishable goods, and our facilities deliver on this. Our competitive rates meant that more people can benefit from the same exemplary standard of service as large chains. With the capabilities to hold diverse goods at a range of temperatures above and below freezing, we ensure that whether you’re storing bottled beverages, dairy products, meat or produce that your requirements will be met. All cold store rooms are equipped with a state-of-the-art direct temperature control system, precisely tracking the ambient temperature of the space so that your goods stay within the ideal range for safety.

Providing an exceptional range of services

Logan Cold Storage offers a number of value-added services, allowing us to smoothly integrate into your existing cold chain. With two large loading bays on-site, we have the ability to receive and dispatch to and from vehicles of all sizes, ensuring that even the largest orders can be quickly and efficiently moved through our facility.

Offering a full pick and pack service means that we can also break down bulk orders into smaller, containers, perfect for moving product from a distributor to a number of retail or shipping locations. Our fleet of temperature-controlled freight vehicles then allow us to move the product directly to your location for a fee, providing you with all the benefits of maintaining your own cold chain with none of the ongoing maintenance and labour costs.

Discuss your requirements with our business today

Start a conversation with our staff today and find out how we can enhance your business’s capabilities. Call our office on 0403 490 853 or send us a message with any questions at and we’ll get back to you with the answers you need as soon as possible.