Supporting Beenleigh with High-Quality Cold Storage

A simple solution for all your storage needs. Whether you run a grocery store, a butcher or a bar, Logan Cold Storage can support the operations of businesses across Beenleigh with hygienic, reliable refrigeration services, including packing, transportation and storage.

Conveniently located nearby in Berrinba, we provide an enterprise-quality service to clients of every size. Whether you’re a small business only storing a pallet a week or a large chain moving enormous quantities of perishable products each and every week, we have the capabilities to meet your needs.

All Logan Cold Storage facilities are state-of-the-art, offering clients a range of storage temperatures to suit a diverse range of goods. Each space is equipped with a direct temperature control system that alerts staff should temperatures rise or fall out of a pre-determined band, ensuring that your products stay preserved at the optimum temperature.

Refrigeration solutions for local businesses

We go beyond storage, offering a range of value-added services that provide you with a complete cold chain, taking your product from distribution to your front door, all for an affordable price. Our key services include full pick and pack and management of goods receival, allowing your supplier to deliver your product to our door, and our efficient team to break down large pallet-loads of goods into smaller packages, ready for shipping or retail at your location. Our two spacious loading bays mean we can accommodate even the largest cold storage vehicles.

Our fleet of temperature-controlled transport vehicles is also at your disposal for a fee, meaning you don’t have to waste valuable time sending a worker to pick up your product. We invite business-owners to discuss their freight needs with us, so we can provide an accurate quote.

Start a conversation today

Contact our office today to find out how Logan Cold Storage can seamlessly integrate into your business operations, delivering an exceptional storage and transportation service a competitive price. Call us on 0403 490 853, or send us your questions via email at and one of our staff members will be in touch.